Lincoln Financial Group Launches LincXpress

In Life Insurance by Steven J Hargrove

Lincoln Financial Group has announced the launch of its LincXpress program. LincXpress is a Tele-App program that provides the opportunity for lab requirements to be waived. This means the client can possibly obtain life insurance coverage without having to provide a blood or urine sample.

To qualify for lab-free underwriting the client must be in good overall health. Lab requirements will only be waived for clients that qualify for the program. All other clients will have to provide labs.

It’s important to note that Lincoln’s new program is different than traditional non-med life insurance options. Traditionally most other non-med life insurance options have been priced higher to cover the additional risk. Lincoln’s program is available at their same great fully underwritten rates for those that qualify.

This option will not be right for all clients. Even so, it gives us one more tool for clients that prefer not to provide a blood or urine sample to obtain their life insurance coverage.