We are Hargrove Financial.

Our mission is to change the way consumers obtain insurance and financial products. We strive to educate our clients so that they understand all of their options and are an active participant in the plan design and decision making process.


We believe in "education first". Medicare and financial products are confusing. Before any decisions can be made, a client must first understand what their options are and how they work. To further our mission we host seminars free of charge. Topics include Medicare, Social Security, and life insurance. Seminars are held at our office and at venues such as clinics, fitness centers, and community centers. One on one meetings in person or via phone are also available.


We pride ourselves on always delivering the best solution available for a client. Whether it's finding the best Medicare plan to cover a client's prescriptions or finding a life insurance plan that that will cover someone with a history of heart disease, we make it happen! As an independent firm we have access to hundreds of options for our clients. We combine these options with our skill and years of experience to always deliver the best solution available.


When a new client joins our firm they can rest assured they will receive best in class service. Many agents and advisors never contact their clients again after their initial meeting. We believe our relationship is merely beginning after the initial meeting. Our staff is available to answer your questions and address any issues as they present themselves. Support is even available after hours for urgent matters. Our staff and advisors regularly reach out to our clients to advise them of changes to their coverage.


We at Hargrove Financial believe being a good member of the community is just as important as any other aspect of conducting business. Our firm is an active member of our local chamber of commerce and regularly contributes to local charities. We encourage our clients to submit charitable causes to our office for us to consider for contribution. We also provide pro bono assistance to low income members of the community to enroll in State Medicaid programs.

How we work.

1 Your first contact with our office will most often be by phone or by attending one of our seminars. This contact will go over the basics of the program you are researching your options for. If it is for Medicare we will go over the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C, & D. We will then go over a high level overview of your various plan options. If you are researching life insurance we will go over a high level overview of your product options.

2 Your next contact with our office will typically be a one-on-one in person meeting but this can also take place by telephone or email if desired. At this meeting we will go over your specific situation and work with you to determine which options are best for you. Once a course of action is determined we will help you apply for your chosen insurance plan. It is important to note you never pay us for our services in assisting you to choose an insurance plan. The prices you pay for insurance plans through us are the exact same you would pay if you bought them directly from the insurance company. You receive our expertise and service at no cost!

3 After you are enrolled in your plan we will check in with you periodically to ensure everything is going as planned. You will receive letters from us at least annually updating you regarding your coverage and/or investments.